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GPN Global Bible Bee (MEMORY VERSES)

FINAL COMPETITION (June – August 2021)

Dear all, GPN is happy to announce its FINAL Competitions for 2020-‘21

  • Competition Type - Bible Bee-Memory Verses.
  • Global online event via Zoom.
  • Registration free BUT mandatory. Registration closes on Sunday the 20th of June.
  • No age limit.
  • English, Tamil ,Hindi and Telugu.
  • FINAL Competitions will be conducted on the 27th of June, 25th of July and 29th of August.
  • GPN also conducts monthly BIBLE BEE Competitions from September through May.

IMP NOTE: Participation in all these 3 months is mandatory, to win the cash prize.


  • Pre-Beginners & Beginners - 9 years and below (as on 01.09.2020)
  • Seniors(Category 1-5) - 10 years and above (as on 01.09.2020)

The Consent form link will be published soon...

  • Tamil -The Bible Society of India (BSI - TV)
  • Telugu -The Bible Society of India (BSI)
  • Hindi -The Bible Society of India (BSI)
  • English -NKJV or NIV 2011 only
Click the month name to view the Portions:
PRE-BEGINNERS & BEGINNERS–upto 9 years (as on 1st Sep 2020) JUNE FINAL - 1 JULY FINAL - 2 AUGUST FINAL - 3
SENIORS – 10 years and above (as on 1st Sep 2020) JUNE FINAL - 1 JULY FINAL - 2 AUGUST FINAL - 3
  • First Prize -Rs.25,000/- (INR Twenty Five thousand only)
  • Second Prize -Rs.12,000/- (INR Twelve thousand only)
  • Third Prize -Rs.6,000/- (INR Six thousand only)
  • 5 Consolation Prizes of Rs.750/- each (INR Seven hundred Fifty only)
  • First Prize -Rs.50,000/-( 😊JACKPOT😊 )
  • Second Prize -Rs.25,000/- (INR Twenty Five thousand only)
  • Third Prize -Rs.10,000/- (INR Ten thousand only)
  • 5 Consolation Prizes of Rs.1,000/- each (INR One thousand only)
Minimum Participants (Range) 10& above **1 to 5 6 to 9
1 Rs.25,000 Rs.5,000 Rs.15,000
2 Rs.12,000 Rs.2,400 Rs.7,200
3 Rs.6,000 - Rs.3,600
Consolation Prizes 5 x Rs.750 each - 3 x Rs.750 each

SENIORS (Category 1 to 5):
Minimum Participants (Range) 10& above **1 to 5 6 to 9
1 Rs.50,000 Rs.10,000 Rs.30,000
2 Rs.25,000 Rs.5,000 Rs.15,000
3 Rs.10,000 - Rs.6,000
Consolation Prizes 5 x Rs.1000 each - 3 x Rs.1000 each

  • Must join 10 minutes before your time slot.
  • Must use earphones.
  • Don’t mute in between.
  • Participant should show the room before starting the event.
  • Family members are allowed to watch. They should face the camera.
  • Any prompting by the family members, leads to disqualification of the participant.
  • Family members should not talk during the competition.
  • Hands of the participants should be visible throughout the competition.
  • Any malpractice will lead to disqualification.
  • The judges can request the participants to share their screen anytime during the competition.
  • The judges can ask the participants to close their eyes and recite.
  • Thinking time is 1 minute at the beginning of each round and every time the participant gets stuck in between.
  • Participant will quote the reference first, recite the memory verses, and then quote the reference again.

  • Every round has 20 marks. If you make one error (mistake) you get 20-2 =18 marks.
  • If the participant forgets to recite the reference in the beginning or in the end, it will be considered as 1 error (minus 2).
  • Maximum errors for 1 verse are 3 (minus6).
  • If 4 or more errors are committed in a single verse, it will be considered as verse skipped. The participant will lose 6 marks for that verse.
  • If you skip 1 verse, it is 3 errors (minus6).

        Round 1		        : Psalm 62: 5, 6
        Round 2		        : Psalm 51:12-14
        Round 3		        : Psalm138: 2-6
        Round 4		        : Psalm 119:30- 35
        Round 5		        : Hebrews 11: 15-21
        Round 6		        : 1 Peter 2: 3-12
        Round 7		        : John 15:10-21
        Round 8(knock out): 2Peter 3: 4-17
        Round 9(knock out): Proverbs 1:12-26
        Round10		        :1Peter5:1-14; Hebrews 8:9, 10

    There are 10 rounds of questions:
        Round 1		            : 2 verses
        Round 2		            : 3 verses
        Round 3		            : 5 verses
        Round 4		            : 6 verses
        Round 5		            : 7 verses
        Round 6		            : 10 verses
        Round 7		            : 12 verses
        Round 8(knock out): 14 verses
        Round 9(knock out): 15 verses
        Round 10                    : 16 verses

  • When the participant is not able to recite anything.
  • If the participant skips more than 3 verses.
  • If they make more than 9 errors in 1 round.

  • If you get first 5 rounds correct, you get 20 bonus marks.
  • If you get all 7 rounds correct, you get 30 bonus marks.
  • If you get all 9 rounds correct, you get 40 bonus marks.
  • If you get all 10 rounds correct, you get 50 bonus marks.
  • Errors are allowed till 7th round only.
  • 8th and 9th rounds are knockout rounds.Even if 1 error is made, you will not be allowed for the next round.But marks would be given.
  • When all 10 rounds are correct, you get 340 marks.
  • If there are a few top scorers, there will be a tie-breaker round.

1. Cash Prize Table:
No. of Participants No. of Prizes Given Cash Prizes Medals Certificates
Only one (1) No Prize No No Yes
Two or three (2 or 3) Only Second Prize Yes Yes Yes
Four or Five (4 or 5) Only First & Second Yes Yes Yes
Six and above (>=6) First, Second & Third Yes Yes Yes

2. Minimum cut-off marks to win Cash Prizes: 120/month (mandatory for every month and not consolidated marks for 3 months).
3. The winners will be selected on the basis of the aggregate score.

  • Once the participant registers online by clicking the above mentioned link and filling & submitting the details, the participant is added to a WhatsApp group exclusively for Bible bee participants where all the information regarding the finals is shared.
  • Also, the participants would be allotted a coordinator and added in another smaller WhatsApp group with their respective coordinators as admins.
  • The participant has to confirm their participation in their small group on the day of each competition
  • Each participant is allotted a 20 min slot.
  • A schedule is prepared and posted in the groups with all the details like the names of the participants, judges, time slot, breakout room no., category, language etc. half an hour before the competition.
  • The zoom meeting details too are posted in the groups on the competition days.
  • The participants have to join the meeting using their names.
  • Once they join, the host allots them to their breakout rooms.
  • There would be 2 judges in each room to conduct the competition for a participant
  • There is no time limit.
  • The whole competition is video recorded.
  • The participants, once they finish, can leave the breakout room, inform the admin in the main room and leave the meeting.
  • The results would be published online and the top scorers list would be posted in the groups before the next month's competition.
  • The aggregate of all the 3 months scores are calculated to decide the final cash prize winners.
  • In case of tie, a tie breaker competition would be conducted on a later day.
  • Photo ID would be requested for age verification from the winners.
  • Once the above details are checked, the bank account details would be collected by the coordinator and the cash prize transferred to the winners.

Contact Info

Email: GPNBibleBee@Gmail.com
Phone number:+1 (925) 400-8686 (9 PM IST to 7 AM IST)