But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. - Romans 5:8


Psalm 35:27 - “Let the Lord be magnified, Who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant”

By our Lord's Grace & His Mercy, God willing from September 2022, Global Prayer Network (GPN) will be glad to support a certain number of students with a fixed partial scholarship for their School/college fees. The children need to have parent(s) in the ministry, serving as Pastors, Evangelists or Missionaries. There are multiple factors that will be considered for a candidate to be eligible for the partial scholarship. This includes parents' testimony, family income, as well as the child's academic ability. The application forms are attached at the end of this page, and the word (.docx) version can be used to type in, as applicable.

Last date to submit applications: 31st Oct 2022

Prospects/Applicants can email GPN directly, with their filled-in application forms attached to the email address GPNYoungstars@Gmail.com. The selection committee at GPN will review each application under the given criteria, and come up with a short-list. Based on additional discussions with the applicants, a selected list of candidates will be identified.

Eligibility: Should be a child of a Missionary/Pastor/Evangelist working in India,Sri Lanka,Africa and South America only.

Selection Criteria:
  • 1) The Prospect (student selected) should have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and have a personal walk, relationship with Jesus Christ daily.
  • 2) After completing their School/College, they should be committed to work in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ in any ministry either full time/part time based on their call, daily & faithfully till their last breath. This will be a covenant between them and Lord Jesus Christ.
  • 3) Should take care of their Missionary parents with love, respect & special care till their last breath.
  • 4) Should meet all basic education eligibility requirements given by the Institution & GPN.
  • 5) Everyone selected should maintain required % or GPA set by the Institution, and the cut-off will be reviewed annually. If they do not meet these requirements every year, then it is likely the scholarship will be discontinued in the following academic year.
  • 6) Every applicant must sign the MOU document sent by GPN team only then their applications will be accepted.

On behalf of GPN, we would like to thank the Donors & Partners who have come forward to help the Servants of God's children. May our Lord bless them and the work of their hands. Our prayers and support are with the Parents and also the Children who will be selected. May our Lord bless them.

For further details please contact
Bro Ruban @ +91 97910 36358 or Bro.Jonathan @ +91 90942 81131

-GPN Projects Team

Download Application forms
GPN Scholarship Application Form.docx
GPN Scholarship Application Form.pdf